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Dear Abortion Advice from Angry & Upset

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Dear Abortion Advice:
My friend just aborted her third child. She felt like she should focus on the 2 children she has and her job. Now she is so full of rage and anger and is crying the next minute saying things like, “I wonder what he would have been like.” I don’t know what to do for her. I told her not to get the abortion and I find myself also full of anger. I miss my old friend. How do I help her get past this.

From Angry and Upset

Dear Angry and Upset:
I heard a very wise quote from an OBGYN doctor who said pregnancy changes us. She added that no matter what happens with the pregnancy, we can never go back in time. I think women sometimes chose abortion thinking they can go back to the way things were before they got pregnant. Maybe sharing this with your friend and letting her know that she is not alone, that pregnancy changes us….all of us. You should read some books on healing after an abortion and recommend the ones to your friend you find most helpful. My favorite book was called Forbidden Grief.