Tammy’s Story

Today Anna and I helped a client move. It was an exhausting day full of unexpected twists and turns.

This client called yesterday asking if we could help her move today because of an eviction.  Of course I said we would be there. We think of ourselves as new sisters being added to her life and sisters never say no to a request for help moving!

I told Tammy she had a lot on her plate and I was so proud of her for staying pregnant.  She said, “I have definitely changed my mind about getting an abortion.  I think of myself as having 3 children.”  Her other 2 children are going to be blessed to have this new baby brother in their lives.  I was so happy that Tammy’s now thinking of herself as a mother of three!

It was hard not to be able to financially help her today with all her unexpected costs, not that she actually asked us directly if we could pay for any of her expenses…but still. Our expenses go up and down depending on how many clients we have and right now we are helping a lot of clients!  It is a nice problem to have but painful to not be able to offer financial help today.  A friend suggested I let people know about our financial need on Facebook.  I am following her advice.  Here is a link if you would like to make a donation!

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