Elizabeth’s Story

Elizabeth’s Story

I received a call from “Elizabeth” this morning.  She was on her computer searching  for Abortion Advice and our website showed up.  Here is how the conversation flowed:

Elizabeth:  Well, I’m pregnant—obviously (quiet giggle) and I found out at a party the other night that the father of the baby is married.  His wife came up to me and said she was his wife.  So that relationship is over because I had no idea he was married.

Me:  That must have been so hard.  Did you like him a lot?

Elizabeth:  Yes.  Yes I did.


Me:  This baby could turn out to be such a blessing in your life.

Elizabeth:  I know that.  But I will have to do this all alone.  I never wanted to be a single mother.  I didn’t get to know my father until I was 12 years old and it was very hurtful and really disrupted my life.

We chatted a bit about this and I shared that our organization is called Marriage Material and that we would connect her to a mentor, stay with her for the long haul and help her get married, God willing.  I shared that God created marriage and so it is not up to us, but we can help her explore the possibility.    

Elizabeth:  My friend said I shouldn’t have an abortion.  She had 2 and said no way would she do that again, no matter what.  I am worried that I would regret it in 9 months, no 7 months, when I know there should be a baby.

We spoke for awhile about people regretting abortion and she shared about the problems her friend is having.  I told her we could help her friend get connected to an abortion recovery program.  

Elizabeth:  Even if your organization does end up helping me get married,  I am still going to be all alone this next year.

Me:  You are not alone.  You have a baby inside of you.  That makes 2.  You are never all alone.  Even God is not alone since he is 3 persons in the Trinity.

We had some period of time when I gave her a chance to share the obstacles she faced, what she feared and I tried to give her hope. We are all about replacing despair with hope.  The conversation was about 30 minutes long.  I will skip to the end of the conversation.

Me:  Did you have breakfast today?

Elizabeth:  No, I can’t get out of bed.


Me:  Okay, you need to only think about eating well today for you and your baby.  Tomorrow we will also get you going on pre-natal vitamins and we should get you in for an ultrasound.

Somewhere at the end here she said she didn’t need an ultrasound because she got one at the clinic she went to yesterday to get an abortion.  She said the guy doing the ultrasound was so casual, saying that she was 6 weeks along and they could do the abortion for her.  For some reason, 6 weeks along really struck her.  She said she thought she was only 2 weeks.  I said well thank goodness your Guardian Angel got you out of there.  I asked what exactly made her leave?

Elizabeth:  Well, the thought occurred to me, ‘Who am I to take another life.  I am not God.’  The baby was already 6 weeks along.  I couldn’t do it.

Me:  Wow.  I am so glad you walked out of there.  And you have such humility.  I love that you thought, “Who am I, I am not God.”  It has been such a blessing for me just to get to know you this morning.  I will call you back again tomorrow and we will just move forward together day by day.

Elizabeth:   I am going to tell my mom about this today.

Me:  Good for you.  The devil loves darkness and to keep things hidden.  You will be bringing this out into the light by telling your mom. Our God is a God of light. It has been such a blessing for me just to get to know you this morning.  What city are you in?



Sent a link to  Elizabeth’s cell phone for so she could watch a video about a young women sharing why she is Silent No More about a past abortion.  You can view this on You Tube if you search for Valerie Ann Marie Cosgrove.

Elizabeth said she watched it twice and it really helped her get clarification.

After 5 weeks of debating whether or not to get an abortion, Elizabeth made a decision and decided to let her baby live.  Thank you God!  She gave birth to a baby boy in March and named him Michael.  We are now in the process of helping her explore the possibility of marriage.

Here is a thank you letter we received from her:

client thank you v2