Ann’s Story

Monday morning the phone rings. “Abortion Advice, this is Nancy.” A man says “Do you do abortions?” Usually I respond, “Are you calling for yourself or a friend?”

Hmmm…that line isn’t going to work, what to do, what to do…

Thankfully I came up with a variation of the same question and asked if he was calling for his wife or his girlfriend. He said no, and I couldn’t quite understand but I thought he said his daughter. I told him I had to speak with her directly and he kept asking questions and I said I could only speak with her. He called back 1/2 hour later, and we had a 3-way phone conversation with “Ann” connecting with us from her job. We had a bit of a communication issue going on because they both are originally from Kenya.

They agreed to get an ultrasound and I asked when would be the best time. Ann said Wednesday at 9:00 am. I made a few phone calls and found a crisis pregnancy center that would be able to do an ultrasound at that time. I called and shared the appointment information and said I would meet them there on Wednesday. Then I called board members to get the prayer chains started for Ann and her pre-born baby.

We met at the clinic this morning and I found out Matthew, who placed the initial phone call to me, is her brother and not her father. He had been in our country for awhile and was just able to get his sister here 3 years ago. Ann can understand what we are saying but has difficulty speaking. Matthew was often the translator. As Ann started filling out the paper work, I picked up her 5 month old daughter out of the car seat

Matthew was so sweet with his niece.

When Ann came back to the waiting room I asked if the father of the baby knew about the pregnancy. She said no and I asked a further question or two but it became clear she holds the father of the baby in low esteem.

Off she went for the pregnancy test and back to join us before her ultrasound. I don’t know why, but I asked, “Are you at all excited about being pregnant?” No answer. I asked her brother to ask her the question and he said, “She said a little.” I was so shocked. I asked him if she heard my question correctly and he said yes. Up to this point it was all abortion, abortion, abortion. I looked at Ann and said, “You are a little happy? And she nodded her head yes. Then I turned to Matthew and said, “If she wants to have this baby, you better support her. She wouldn’t be getting an abortion if she was still in Kenya.” He said, “Not now, later.” In my mind I thought, “Here we go again. For the 100th time I have to try and point out the obvious fact that the baby is already growing.”

I pointed to Ann’s 5 month old baby and said, “Can you imagine a world without her?” He said no. Then as I pointed to Ann’s stomach, I said, “Well, that is her little sister.” At 7 weeks along, I obviously have no idea if it is a little brother or little sister, but I usually refer to the pre-born baby as a girl to help the mom connect.

At some point prior to Ann saying “A little”, I explained about our mentoring program and how someone would walk with her and help her and when she wasn’t in crisis anymore we would help her explore the possibility of getting married.

The nurse called Ann in for the ultrasound. A bit later the nurse called Matthew in to see the ultrasound. They all came out and went into the counseling room. And then the nurse asked for me to come in and to bring Ann’s daughter because Ann had some news to share with me. The nurse took the baby, and I sat down and looked over at Matthew who had the biggest smile on his face. Then I looked at Ann who said she wasn’t going to get an abortion. I just screamed with delight and jumped up and gave her a big hug. I told Matthew I was so proud of him because I know he already does so much work supporting his sister and niece. I assured him we were going to help. The nurse said one of the reasons Ann was considering abortion is because she was feeling isolated and I assured Ann we were not going to let her go through this pregnancy alone. When we came out, two other people we had been chatting with in the waiting room got up and gave Ann hugs. Such a wonderful moment in time.snoopy

As we were walking out, I told Ann to remember all this joy because she would be tempted to think about abortion again. I asked Matthew if he had time to take his sister to see the social worker about getting additional help from the WIC program. He said they both were off work for the day. As we walked to our cars I told Ann that I would call her tomorrow.

Tomorrow begins the work. Today is just for Joy. Joy that Ann chose life ~ Joy that so many people held her up in prayer these last few days ~ Joy for her brother taking on this extra burden and doing so with a big smile on his face ~ Joy that I was able to have a front row seat to watch the Holy Spirit in action!