Dear Curious about Abortion

Dear Abortion Advice:

I am worried that I will later on regret getting an abortion.  What do you think?

From Curious.

Dear Curious:

Research shows most women start seeking abortion healing about 7 – 10 years after having the abortion (or abortions). The initial emotion is relief, but that is short lived.  And it is not that the 7-10 years are pain free, some women report having tried to hide the pain by drug and alcohol abuse, promiscuity, a lack of being able to attach to current children, etc. I think one of the best resources for help after an abortion can be found here:  This website gives you an idea about what some people have had to deal with after an abortion.


Dear Abortion Advice:
Have you ever heard of anyone going to Planned Parenthood for adoption advice?

Dear Shocked:
I know one person who did. The receptionist said she would probably have a difficult time finding a family to adopt her baby. They said this because she was using drugs. That evening she ran into the father of the baby at a party and he said he thought they could handle being parents together. She told him it was too lat that she had an abortion already. Very sad situation.


Dear Abortion Advice:  When I was pregnant with my first child, I considered abortion.  I didn’t go through with it, but I feel terrible for considering the option.  Has this happened to other people? –Wondering

Dear Wondering:
Yes, when I was 17 and worried that I might be pregnant. I was in high school and I remember 2 things about that experience. First, feeling my parents would die if I told them I was pregnant. I remember thinking they would be so shocked and disappointed in me. I did not want to disappoint them and I remember thinking there is no way I am ever going to tell them I am pregnant. That thought seemed to be immediately followed by thoughts how in the world would I ever gather enough money for an abortion.
It turned out I wasn’t pregnant but I will never forget those thoughts of wondering of what I would do if I was.