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Do you know the answer to these 3 questions?

You may find yourself in an unplanned pregnancy and considering abortion. There are 3 important pieces of information that you need to have before you can make a decision about your pregnancy and what kind of abortion you are eligible for.

Question #1: Are You Really Pregnant? Is it a Viable pregnancy?

The first bit of information that you need to know is if you’re really pregnant. A positive pregnancy test does not confirm if your pregnancy is viable. Our free ultrasound will help determine if a heartbeat can be detected.  31% of pregnancies end on their own before 8 weeks. We will help you obtain a free clinical pregnancy test to determine if you are really pregnant along with a free ultrasound if the test is positive.

Question #2: How Far Along Are You?

The second piece of information you need is to know how far along you are. The cost and the type of abortion procedure you would be eligible for are greatly affected by how far along your pregnancy is. The only sure way to know that is to do an ultrasound. We will help you obtain a free ultrasound to determine the gestational age of your pregnancy.

Question #3: Do You Have an STD?

The third piece of information that’s very important is that you need to know if you have an STD. Having an abortion with an untreated STD can cause great risk to your future reproductive health, and we want to help protect that.

Being pregnant when you didn’t intend to is overwhelming and brings with it a lot of questions. You can have the confidence to make an educated, informed choice about this pregnancy.

The choice is yours, but you don’t have to make it alone.

Free Pre-Abortion Appointments:

Minneapolis (612) 322-5416

St. Paul (651) 342-3159

Stillwater (651) 323-0584

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